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Culturally Sensitive Social Robotics for Africa

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A. Akinade, Y. Haile, N. Mutangana C. Tucker, and D. Vernon, “Culturally Competent Social Robots Target Inclusion in Africa”, Science Robotics, 2023. Preprint available here.

D. Vernon, 2023. “Culturally Competent Social Robotics for Africa: A Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in HRI”, 2nd Workshop on Equity and Diversity in Design, Application, Methods, and Community at the Human-Robot Interaction conference (DEI HRI 2023), March 13. Preprint available here.

P. Zantou and D. Vernon, “Culturally-Sensitive Human-Robot Interaction: A Case Study with the Pepper Humanoid Robot”, Proc. IEEE Africon, Nairobi, Kenya, September, 2023. Preprint available here.

P. Zantou and D. Vernon, “Inclusion Drives Sustainable Development: The Case of Social Robotics for Africa”, Poster Presentation, ACM SIGCAS/SIGCHI Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies - COMPASS, August 2023. Available here. Video available here.